Monday, August 27, 2007

Crazy Hair

Tonight I was giving Maggie a bath and was playing with her hair it is so long when you make it a mowhawk that I just had to snap a few pictures hope you enjoy.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Parker!!

Well today is my godson's 3rd Birthday I can't believe he is that big already soon he will be in grade school and time will just fly along at lighten speed (not that it isn't already)!! I just wanted to share some of my first times with my godson today. Hopefully I will be able to post challenge pictures later.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Strange Days

Just a quick note as I am wiped out tonight. The day started out good scored some good deals at Macy's $60.00 dresses for $17.00. Then my dad called grandma wasnt doing so good and forgot or didn't want to take her meds today she took 2 out of 20 I know it is alot but she should at least try to take most of them...right? I spent the rest of my day off worrying about her and went out to her house and made a chart for meds and dispensed them into a more separated compartment thing. That took some time then we decided my grandma shouldn't stay at home by herself this evening so we loaded her up into the car and took her back to my dad's house. It was quite the ordeal . Needless to say no homework got done this afternoon along with no nap for the toddler it wasn't a pretty evening. Around 7 or so we decided to head out to dinner with the Scott's and Doug and Beth. The service stunk and I think I should have been in bed I wasn't very socialable company. Anyway I do have some pictures to post Maggie wore the cutest dress from my cousin Kati today and it had a head scarf she did keep it on long but long enough to get a picture or two. I am off to bed hope you all have a nice evening.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Quick Post

I am on the run trying to get downstairs to work out the only thing I have done is go for a 25 mintue walk this weekend around base. Anyway Maggie was really getting into her yogurt this evening and just thought I would share a picture of it. Also an update on my grandma she came home to my dad's house for now, but when she left the hospital they had change four of her Rx's and only gave her new Rx's for one of them hopefully tomorrow at the Dr's office we will figure out what the heck is up with her and what she is really supposed to be taking. Anyway off to ride the bake and read up on some homework (goodness that sounds weird)!! Have a great evening.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


While lots has happened since I last posted. Maggie got a double ear infection and sore throat which we are still battling. I hate it when kids don't feel well. I also started school this weekend and am already bombarded with tons o'homework. Oh well it is over in a year and I will be done can't complain about that. Also my grandma came home tonight she is at my dad's house for now until we can find someone to come stay with her for a while. So that was my weekend and rest of the week in a nutshell. Hope everyone had a nice weekend and hopefully I can manage to get the camera out someday soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hello Again

Well it has been a crazy few days. My Grandma(who is 93) was admitted to the hospital Sunday causing a crazy day for my last "free" sunday before school. She is fine so far. She had a mini stroke as far as we were told. I haven't made it to the hospital when the dr has been there (ugh)!!! Anyway I have been stopping by most days for an hour or more what ever I can spare throughout the day thank goodness she is just ablock away from work. She is in good spirits and has made a few nurse friends they just love her. I guess she is an easy patient compared to others there. I weighed in tonight at my meeting and lost .4 I guess that is better than a gain but I didn't eat the best foods these past few days... for some reason I can get through the week fine the weekends just sabatoge me ( all my fault I know, I just need to learn to work through it. Well I took a picture of my anniversary present well one of them (the surprise one). We also got bikes but it has just been too darn hot around here to ride them YUCK!!
So here is a picture of my surprise anniversary gift. I came home and they were on the counter. I love getting flowers eventhough they don't last forever they are still nice to get once in a while. Well I am off to relax. Have a good evening.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Roni's Weight Watchen Page: More Mind Tricks

Roni's Weight Watchen Page: More Mind Tricks
Why is it we feel this way sometimes more than others are women the only people who feel this way or do men get this distorted view of themselves too. Just thought I would share something that effects me most days, and I am sure most of you too.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just one more

post that is I think four in one day is enough. Anyway as you read in my profile it states that there is a dream to complete my degree and as of yesturday I am signed up, I am excited and scared going back to college after 6 years of having an associates degree, but it is time to move on and get where I want to be (before more children happen along or I am to "old" or so we feel to change our ways) !! Well I am off to enjoy some alonetime with the hubby and relax ( I even got in a workout although the plants will suffer( it is just to hot)!!

It's in the Details Challange

Here is my photo for the details. This belongs to one very important details in our house income. These work boots provide coverage for feet that do lots of hard labor day in and day out and for this I am greatful(eventhough I may not voice it enough)!!


My wonderful Husband and I got Married if you couldn't guess. Anyway I thought I would share a picture from that day it is from the beautiful photo album Amanda made for us. Thank you!!


that's me I have been at a loss for subjects and just been trying to get my workouts in it is obviously working since this last weigh in i was down 3.4 lbs. So blog or exercise I think at this point it will be exercise. Sorry. I have a challange picture from last week to post just have to get it posted I know the story of my life. Anyway I plan on posting tonight since I have Auxilary Meeting at 7.00 so by the time I get home it will be to late to exercise.