Thursday, July 9, 2009

Owen Timothy

2 Weeks Old

I am a bit late in posting this but it works right?!? Anyway we have all been adjusting some better than others (read : Daddy is back in the swing of things, lol)! Today was the first day I actually felt like a normal human, yeah i have felt good other days but I have been plagued with the baby blues of course it is completely normal but I was just wishing it would go away, well I feel as if I have been on the down hill slide of the blues today! Owen has been doing great i have had two nights with 4 hours of straight sleep the rest has been about every 2 or so by the time he eats and I get back in bed and asleep. Maggie loves her little brother and wants to hold him constantly which is nice most of the time. She can be a bit aggressive at times but for the most part she is doing great with him. She really loves when she goes to bed now Owen lays with her while I read her books, she gets to have one last cuudle with him before bed. Anyway I have more pictures to post just haven't gotten them off the other camera. Maggie had a similar photo taken when she was 24 days old it is at the bottom of my blog, if you want to compare the two monkeys!

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