Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I know weird title for a post but that is who I felt like last night…
Laundry 4 loads
Kitchen clean
Breezeway clean
Kiddo clean
Bathroom clean
Pictures taken
Dinner made
I know some of you accomplish a whole lot more in a day but it just seemed like the never ending day…
So here are some pictures I took last night of our sassy pants as I like to call her…

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A recap of the last week or so

Ok lets see where to start from... I guess I will start from last saturday. I started my bachelor's program last fall and on the 2nd of August I graduated. So awesome but even more awesome is the SURPRISE party that my family had wait at home for me it was teh most wonderful feeling...words just can't describe. To follow that I had my last class weekend yesterday and today which was also very cool but somewhat sad I have grown fond of the people in my class, we have been together everyother weekend for a year now. On Saturday, Brian and I celebrated our 5TH Anniversary with a dinner out in Soulard oh my it was so good. We will be going back before the next anniversary that is for sure. So today was the begining of the next 60 years of our marriage and the end of a chapter in my life with the completeion of my bachelor's degree it was a long time coming but so worth to have that accomplished feeling... I had no clue what I was missing. Anyway I should be a more devoted blogger from this point on and have many more pictures of our Mags to share.