Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bowling for JDRF

My photos from the JDRF Fundraiser last weekend. I didn't get the camera out this weekend friday in my rush to get out the door I forgot it and Saturday I really didn't feel like taking it to the St. Baldricks Fundraiser and boy was it crowded I am so glad I didn't. Brian got his head shaved and Maggie is constantly telling everyone my daddy got his head shaved. It is cute! Anyway after more than a year (after he shaved it last year he grew it longer again) he looks a bit strange even though it was shaved when we got married...maybe it is his skinny face that does it. We had a nice weekend busy but nice and I have one more to go before I am back in school seems like forever ago that I went even though it was just two weeks. I am enjoying the time off eventhough homework is still being done and turned in while I am off. Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Pics

Maggie with the Easter Bunny at the Elk's party on Saturday. The entire time we were in line she kept talking about the seeing the easter bunny but once she got up there it was a totally different story.
It was snowing huge flakes on easter morning, I think they are the biggest flakes I have ever seen.
Here are two from hunting eggs in the basement it was way to cold outside to hunt eggs out there.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maggie helping out!

Rarely do I have sink full of water I would much rather use the dishwasher but it was running at the time we finished the dishes and I have been so busy lately that actually taking time to do the dishes sounded like something rather relaxing to do. I know weird! Anyway Maggie saw me washing dishes and wanted to help generally when she "helps" she gives everything a washing to, including the front of her shirt, the cabinets below, and the floor or rug. But she had fun and barely got the floor we are making progress!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy week …it has been super crazy around here feels like life is just passing by so quickly. Monday night we had a wake to attend, my brother in laws step dad died, I also took my grandma to the hospital for some outpatient surgery to have a suspicious looking large tumor like object removed from her temple we go for a follow up tomorrow and results. Tuesday was pretty normal other than Brian being gone. Wednesday was my 30th birthday Maggie and I hung out had to run to work to copy some papers, I did make it to the gym and then that evening we went to dinner. Thursday I had an assignment due at 5 and was rushing to get that turned in on time. Friday I worked on another assignment after I got Maggie to bed. Saturday had class and a mid term, got an A. We also had a family wedding. Pictured is the Bride and Her Father. My cousin Nicol got married, poor thing her mom had breast cancer that had spread to other areas of her body she died on the 6th of March. Nicol was handling everything very well she was a beautiful bride. Today I had to give a presentation on the project I turned in on Thursday and got an A on that. Overall it has been a super busy weekend but very productive too. Hope everyone had a good weekend as well.Rachel and JackiKelsey

The newly engaged couple Kati and Kent!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maggie and I on my 30th birthday wow that is weird typing that. I am now middle aged ha ha just joking...Brian stated on his birthday that he started a bad thing for people born in 1978 ... just wait your day is coming the rest of you! Have been fun so far and I am only one day into it. I have wonderful friends and family whom I love very much and am very thankful for.
Maggie's 2.5 hour delay crocs we had to do something with our time!!! I think airports plan delays when they are slow on business so people buy more ... just a theory! Goofing off with the camera and flash the other night I happened to get this one she was raising and lowering her placemat being a goofball!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vacation Photos

Just got all the vation photos downloaded and thought I would share a few. We had a great time and looking forward to the next vacation, Maggie didn't get sick this year we had a Rx just in case maybe that is what helped. Maggie and Daddy at the pool!
Maggie on the train at downtown disney

Our homecoming picture
Maggie in her new glasses...being miss sassy too!
Shamu Show
Check out top right corner
Maggie and Daddy at Sea World
Family Photo at SeaWorld