Thursday, February 17, 2011

Missing you is hard loving you still is not!!

I remember playing rummy, eating cheese and crackers and having hot tea like a tea party. You drove me to school and picked me up.  We always planted flowers like the moss rose you loved.  We always had watermelon in the summer together and you used to sit outside and watch me ride my bike or play.  We made runs to the produce stand and the local grocery store.  You always helped me with my spelling words and social studies.  I love how you always kept important papers under your placemat. You always had the best cookies.  I can still hear you call me name in the way that only you could.  I cherish the days I had with you, I wish I had many more, but thankful you got to see my babies and hold them in your arms.  I would love for Maggie to have made cookies with you she would have loved that she loves to cook.  Owen loves to eat so he would be right there too.  I miss you!! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011